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Online Games:

Online game: Kingdom online
Alternative names: Kingdom online

Kingdom online - is a free online browser-based game, where you can enjoy unusual adventures, and where you can battle for control of the mighty power. The difference between this game from most other browser games is that it is the presence of the client. Play, of course, possible and without it, but some quality is lost the game. History story online games Kingdom: once united Kingdom, where people lived and elves, collapsed after the death of the last legitimate monarch. Power-hungry nobles began to divide influence even before the burial of the monarch. The Council of the nobility, who represented the interests of people and the Ancient Circle, composed of elders elven birth, decided to nominate their candidates for the throne. Neither one nor the other did not have enough clout to win the political battle, and they had to resort to treachery, magic and swords. Playing the game online, along with many other players, you have to unravel the secrets of this fantastic world, and perhaps take the vacant throne. After registering in the game Kingdom, you have to choose one of the warring parties, for which you'll fight, and begin unraveling the mystery of the Kingdom. Also, you will have the opportunity to choose one of the combat classes, each of which has its own unique magical abilities and skills. In this game, each an equal chance of winning. Playing the game Kingdom online, you have to verify all sorts of good weapons and combat elixirs for a great battle, and the potions and scrolls. All this can get by fighting in the arena or killing monsters on the instructions of local residents (NPC). Kingdom online game offers a variety of locations. Take, for example, lost the land they call the province that left once people for whatever reason. Now, on this land lording robbers, wild animals and various monsters. Dungeons in these places may be for you deadly. They are full of hostile creatures, who are waiting to see you. Alone, it is better not to go there, because the chances of survival for you will not. Defeat there the evil done only group which is composed of at least five players. If you manage to get to the end of one of the territories lost land, do not relax, because you will be meeting with the most powerful and ferocious monster "boss", which overpowered, your team will receive a well-deserved award, in the form of rare armor and magic keys that allow extension pass to the next dungeon. Playing in the UK, you will face even with a fairly large number of fabulous and unique creatures, the existence of which, you might even, and had no idea. But remember that some of them are as harmless creatures and nightmarish creatures who dream of meeting you, whatever your taste the flesh. So, be very careful and do not turn your back on them! As for the fights in the game Kingdom Online, all of them take place in real time. You can fight with anyone, anywhere, at your choice. A selection of battles is very big! The main feature of this exciting browser game is the fact that apart from the character displayed on the screen, his arms and armor. By controlling the movements of the hero of the battle, you have the option to choose a fighting tactics. During the game, you can organize a clan or join an existing one. In the UK there are three schools of magic: Fire School, a school and a school of Light Wind. Each school has two classes: the school of Fire - the warrior class and the Thug, the school Wind - Arrow and Mage class, and the school of Light - Class Paladin and Monk. In addition to schools and classes in the online game Kingdom can choose for your character one of the professions: Blacksmith, Alchemist, Travnik and miners. You can be one of the great personalities of the Kingdom, with such a title, you will be able to influence the course of the war between humans and elves. But for that you have to have a very wide popularity. Some wandering heroes Kingdom has pets. They follow their master everywhere, but in the battles do not take part. Cats have a strong enough magic, which sometimes use theirs owners. In the online game Kingdom has a lot of different game pieces and features (500 quests, 200 NPC, 20 locations, including 9 dungeons for group play, 5 PvP-arenas, 60 musical themes that accompany the different locations and types of gameplay). Therefore faster to register with the UK game and become a member of these events. This game gives you a lot of pleasant experiences!

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