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Online Games:

Online game: Zoomumba
Alternative names: Zoomumba

Bigpoint company once again to please all fans of the genre "Magnate", bringing the world of online multiplayer browser-based game «Zoomumba». The game is made in the format of the economic strategy, in which the character will act as a control city zoo. The most exotic animals from around the world are waiting to part of your zoo. But to begin to organize a comfortable environment for their living. Each animal requires an individual approach, starting from a certain size cage, a special diet and ending otdelnimy caretakers who know how to handle the strange animal. The game Zoomumba you how skilled managers need to constantly monitor the well-being of your pets, because it affects the surprising number of people who visit it and your ranking among other owners of zoos. # # # # It's sad to admit, but the social element of the game Zumumba practically designed. If you play a game with your friends, the opportunity to communicate with each other within the game play you will not. Just at the moment it is impossible to see other people's zoos with high ratings. Despite these minor issues, the game was a very bright and colorful. It will be happy to play as adults, amateurs or casual browser games strategies and kids that are interesting and intricate form already at an early age begin to teach zoology. Zoomumba - a great choice for those who want to have a good time in the game. Do not loiter, play and have fun!

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