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Four primary element of the universe taken as a basis in the story of some flash games. To play online 4 elements, the player must manage the land, water, fire and air.

There is a special type of gamers. They are interested in not only the complexity of games and the brightness of the image. Gives them great pleasure to follow the storyline. Moreover, the complexity does not matter. For them, the story is important in the game of any genre, because without it, the game actually makes no sense. So the player is difficult to satisfy their requests because of games that emphasize on the story component is not as much as we would like. But, nevertheless, they are. For example, the immense popularity gained unusual game called 4 elements. The developers really try and combine genres such as adventure, puzzle, hidden object and classic balls. A pooled mean? That's right - a through storyline. He tells the story of the magic of the country, who was killed because of what had been destroyed four magical altar, each responsible for a particular element. The player's task - to reconstruct the altars, unpretentious travel the map, solving puzzles of varying difficulty, and finding the right items. But the script was written in these searches surprisingly logical and consistent. Feel the whole structure of the story helps the player assistant - a small green fairy who gives advice and tips. Play online 4 elements make it possible for everyone. Proving that the game is not as simple as it seems at first glance. It is of course possible with some effort to pass one day. Still, the best rhythm - one search item per day. In this version of the game does not seem to be either prohibitively complex or primitive and simple. In addition, it can replace one set of individual games in several genres. Can concentrate its efforts on the search for games with puzzles. You can search and try to save to your computer dozens of games, which are based on a hidden object. You can learn different versions of classic three in a row. And you can find it all in one place and in original packaging. That is to start playing 4 elements. Here, as a bonus you get great graphics, interesting plot, a special magical surroundings, unexpected twists and a fun dynamic. That's why on our site gamers We gave this game a whole section. Not because there are many options 4 elements. And because so users will be much easier to find it. You can play the 4 elements right now - at this link. And do it for free - as in the Internet, and save the game on your own computer.

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