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Many dream of the possibility of flying in the skies and online games allow planes make it a reality. Games online planes offer different techniques and game missions.

Story of Daedalus and his son Icarus in our time is known far fewer children than 15 years ago. This stems from the technological distance from the ancient myths. The fact is that today's children do not think that was not there before many of the attributes of modern life. For example, that more than a hundred years ago it was a dream ballooning human, not a reality. The rapid development of technology leads to the fact that modern people do not understand is those delights that experienced pilots first aircraft. Now air machine - it's army units, is transport and extreme sports, but not the achievement of human science. Accustomed to good easily.Today it is about to touch a more perfect aircraft, and not to the one that flies at all. Therefore, the boys playing in the computer, are unlikely to be interested in, for example, gliders or primitive biplanes. Important to them beauty, smooth lines and the velocity of the vehicle. For example, online games airplanes make popular only in the case of a supersonic fighter, not a banal airplane with one engine on the propeller. Teens not attracted to the story, they are young and looking to the future, which, of course, right at their age. Accordingly, a large part of the consumer market of gaming products on aircraft seek to fly on something fantastic, and not on a real machine. Moreover, not on what is the historical aeronautical apparatus. So there is a tendency for games online planes become completely unnecessary. Still, the consumer dictates fashion and the aircraft now out of fashion. But this trend brings to society intentionally. After all, in fact, this maxim applies only to the teenage market games. The best proof of the real demand for games on planes is the number of players, said in a new game testers - the world of combat aircraft.The fact that the gaming audience is aging, so to speak. More precisely, there is a transition game market from the category of children's entertainment in the category of serious commercial products for all. That is the game Flying in airplanes - is only part of the market, though obsolete themselves. The main solvent consumer segment is 25 to 35 years, and thus make the game under such people. As a result, a fantastic theme was on par with the military-historical titles, which, incidentally, are gaining enormous popularity.

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