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The online backgammon long you can play, try this version of the famous oriental game. The best way to learn the rules - is to play the first few games.

Games, even today, do not lose popularity. Probably because they are time-tested. Dozens of generations spent time in exciting battles in a game of chess or checkers. Do not think like that today are only interested in entertainment intellectuals. Those wishing to play at leisure in backgammon is enough. After all, this game requires participants to immerse themselves in the exciting process of building a game plan and calculate multi winning combinations. And for this you need only game board consisting of the left and right halves, 30 black and white pieces (15 of one color for each player) and cubes tagged party. The game starts from the moment of throwing dice. That is the number of points on them shows how many cells may overcome two pieces of one player. The first move get the one with the dice fell the most points. That is an element of luck in backgammon, of course, is present. But it almost completely covers the skills and analytical thinking. The player's task is to do with their sabers circle counterclockwise and be in the so-called "home." He is on the last quarter of the board. But after all pieces of the same color were there, the game ends. We need to do one more important thing - the stroke that ended up outside checkers board. This is a complete victory in backgammon. On the basis of these rules and played many hours of exciting battle. Of course, there are many more details. Yet due to the fact that there are two types of backgammon - long and short. Backgammon checkers starting position is somewhat different. As determined by the specifics of the game board - it is divided into triangles (called points). In them are placed different numbers of pieces. In addition, the backgammon players are not able to shoot down opponent's checkers, and can only limit their movement under certain conditions. Which, of course, is strictly regulated by the rules. A key difference between the two forms of the game is the fact that backgammon checkers move towards each other. And in the long backgammon players moving in the same direction. And he and the other version of the game can be easily transferred to this board in a virtual reality. However, statistics show the search engines more popular still uses the query "online backgammon long to play." But in a selection of free games on our site, we paid attention, including backgammon, because they also have fans.

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