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My favorite character was the doll Barbie games for girls. She loves to measure outfits, kissing with Ken, decorate their room and Barbie games for girls give it such fun.

Barbie doll without exaggeration be called a modern phenomenon. This is probably the first doll that has become something more than just a plastic toy. It has evolved into an integral and attractive image of the mass culture. Around it was created mythology, she is still able to cause a lot of emotion in both children and adults. In addition, the Barbie doll for several decades. And its popularity continues unabated. And it is in terms of competition from new masterpieces toy industry. Such as Bratz dolls or Moxie. Despite the fact that they are now also widely known and loved by thousands of girls around the world, Barbie is still an invisible pedestal. Therefore, computer games Barbie for girls still have high ratings on gaming sites. What is the reason for this popularity? Let's start with the fact that Barbie - the world's first "adult" doll in a modern style. Of course, and before it there were a lot of collectible porcelain dolls, its appearance resembling adult women. But the image of the ideal of mass popular culture as a blonde with a slim waist and luxuriant hair was first embodied this doll. Without Barbie games for girls who are not interested in the faceless dolls, babies, for many years to present not possible. Barbie has become not only a favorite toy, but unattainable standard. This gave rise to the negative aspects. For example, the mass fad diets and extreme weight loss among the audience that as a child did not mind playing games for girls Barbie in real life and in the virtual world. But this is no more than the cost of any cult. Today Barbie games online continues to adorn themselves. Developers use the current market trends gaming products to make up games with Barbie interesting and appealing to the largest possible number of users. The quality of the picture, there was a variety of genres. But the image of the main character remains unchanged. Do not know a Barbie game entourage impossible. Although there are an enormous number of variations of the dolls, which are different types of looks, professions, clothes and background. All fans are invited to play Barbie games with her participation in the appropriate section of our website. Here is such a huge range of games, which we are trying to constantly expand. Everybody can find something to your liking. And in any of the games with Barbie on our website you can play for free!

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