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Play Battleship online can, placing on the board the ships of different sizes. In order to play online sea battle and win it, aim at enemy ships.

Do you remember what you were doing with your neighbors on the desk when you were bored at school lessons or vapors in the universities? That's right, doing nonsense. Sometimes, though, and the game fun to play, such as "points" or Battleship. On the last of them just talk. Of course, the game Battleship is very popular. Probably everyone has ever played it. But few people know that the first time it appeared in the form of a board game 70 years ago - in 1931. Since then, the game is gaining in popularity. This can be explained by the fact that in order to play it needed only two people, a piece of paper and writing materials. Everything else - the flight of fantasy players. But what if a sea battle play very desirable, but there is no one who would like to make a company? You can, of course, to play on the phone, through the mail or ICQ (very vintage). However, all these options are not very comfortable. But the alternative is. Now is not difficult to choose as rival computer program. Luckily, our site have the opportunity to anyone wanting to play in the sea battle online. Rules of the game are simple enough battleships. Two players draw a two fields, each measuring 10 by 10 cells. The players celebrate on the field position and proceed to the alignment of their ships. In the classic version of the game each player fleet consists of ten ships: Four-one (series of 4 cells), two triple-decker (series of 3 cells), three double-decker (series of 2 cells) and four-deck (a number of one cell). Once players have placed their ships, the game begins. During the game, each player in turn calls the coordinates on the map undisclosed opponent. If, on the cell called the opponent is the ship, he said the injury or the sinking of the ship. The game continues as long as all the ships of one of the players will not be sunk. Unlike the desktop version of the game, flash games, presented on our site, have some peculiarities. Some of them are colorfully illustrate the process of sea battle. Others allow you to adjust the level of skill of computer opponent. Some games even changed the game and introduced bonuses that give the familiar Battleship new features. Finally, on paper, most of the above is very difficult to implement. Thus, the naval battle game that will help you is very exciting to spend your spare time, solving an insidious plan for the disposition of enemy ships or shooting at random checkered, feel your own luck. Whatever it was, the main pleasure can be obtained during the process of the game.

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