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The game world is developing in a curve, like everything else in the world. Alternation of user requirements in recent happens so often that developers are not so closely following fashion trends, designing his own line. All the same, there is a consumer, and varies only by his number. For example, early in the history of games the user set the goal of coming as close to reality, and after achieving acceptable results, the same user started to complain of intensive programs. Development Office has formed a completely new request - simple games that do not need to be installed. But with the advent of such a request was a problem. Programmers pampered daily growth of computer power, completely forgotten how to save resources. More precisely, the generation has grown up not seeing any Spectrum or older operating shells. They spared no resources for improving the quality, which led to a decrease in gaming audience due to lack of computer power. With the advent of internet era began a new round of confrontation. The specifics of the production programs and images for the forced re-learn even save space on your hard disk. And with the advent of games in a browser on a flash - and to save computational resources. After all, few people wish to visit the sites, the program which leads to a malfunction of the computer. The reason for this situation was unfortunate craftsmen who created the game 35 kilobytes in size, giving 100%CPU load. I had to learn all over again. But once all learned to write neat game for browsers, the user remembered that he had previously played in the beautiful game with strong graphics and good voice acting. Request has been accepted, counting the era of client role-playing games. To date, found a clear balance between the demanding games and simple. The essence of balance is very simple - the browser - in the office, the client - at home. But there are games that force players to give yourself the time at home and at work. Many browser games online strategy games require our time, though slowly, but regularly. For example, some of them can not be left for three days without warning, as the account will be deleted. Such inconveniences attract players that are closest unhurried game, but drive people dynamic. For the latter, for example, there are games that are posted on this page. This is a simple flash game strategic content. You can play them directly from the interface of the site. Or download the file to your computer. All this - for free.

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Online Games:

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