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Game locks pose player different tasks. Here you need to defend your castle from enemies, to build various buildings, train archers to protect the powerful.

It often happens that the players in the search for your favorite game does not understand what they are looking for. For example, when searching for a game may be trying to find a completely different game. That's because the game is one, but the name is hiding a lot of other games. Fans of the old game locks, which appeared at the beginning of the computer age, many times met the challenge of finding their favorite games. But really, despite the weight counterparts, repeat the game in the best schedule is not possible. Leaves and worse and better, but not so. In addition, the games in which the basis of the gameplay is a castle, very much. Moreover, quite often these games are not like the very same. For example, in the genre of the physical destruction of a lot of simulation games, the essence of which - to destroy the castle. But at the same time in all these games, the opponent player is defenseless. The only way to lose - to waste all the charges. In the old game of the principle was quite different. It was necessary with the ballistic characteristics of the charge, wind, terrain, firing at the enemy. But the enemy replied in kind. The one who will destroy all enemy castle first. Another attractive feature of the game had a chance to play together on the same computer. This fun gameplay made the game very popular in his time.Now, under the concept of games of castles lies another. This is - the game in which you need to besiege enemy's fortifications, the minimum number of shots, killing everyone in the castle. These games are also very exciting. But they are in the spirit of modernity. From the strategy they take global map. This is a list of levels of the game, which can be disposed of in a few times. Of role-playing opportunities for progress are taken guns and charges. In principle, it is possible on the basis of the plot of the field and to create a multiplayer game. But to play together on the same computer will not work. Because seeking out games about castles, ask what it is you want to find. This will help avoid disappointment. For example, on this page of our site you can find games and that and that type. While a game we do not ask you to register. Yes, and you can play for free - this is the main ideological position of our website. Moreover, if you want to download a game that you like, you can do it without problems. All games are available on our servers, so you do not need to fear a meeting with the site to share files and slow downloads. We work for the sake of you to enjoy your favorite game from anywhere.

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