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To the secret room to play online, you need to carefully inspect the gaming world, trying to bring the hero to freedom. He fell into oblivion and he can not get out.

What is the reason for the popularity of games such as the Chamber of Secrets? The fact that they are fun? Certainly, but it's still a game for everybody. Which is often a rather plodding and stubborn people. The fact that they are intelligent? You could say that. But now increasingly found a special simplification of computer games to the level of user who does not understand them at all and does not want to understand. It is believed that the secret of the game is a secret room in psychology. It is worth to remember the beginning of one of the first games of this type. Hero who drank a lot yesterday, in the morning wakes up trapped in a strange room. How he got there, he does not remember. So begins frantically search for a way out. It would appear on the monitor in front of you there is nothing to worry about. But, nevertheless, there is an atmosphere of anxiety. Which, incidentally, contributes more intense reflection on tasks set by the game. Particularly frightening experience game makes those people for whom getting into such a situation is one of the strongest fears. So just play the observation becomes for them a very real source of adrenaline. And the training of its own attention too occupation quite fascinating. As is known, high intelligence means, including the search for original and output of standard situations. It is on this and a variety of scenarios designed games about secret room. Can you combine seemingly incongruous items so badly to learn from them and move forward one step to liberation? So fans of such games and the pride overwhelms them. Among them, there is even a legend that supposedly on the ground is only a few dozen people who can solve the problem posed by the game. Of course, this statement has nothing to do with the real state of things - the game without any problems are almost everyone for it is taken. And everyone, it helps to put your own appreciation of observation, logic, and intellectual abilities. That is why the Chamber of Secrets teen makes a lot of people. More than half are from computer games, as a phenomenon, very far. But the secret room, and other games of this type of love.Of course, we could not devote a separate section of the popular game of our portal. Here you will find many variations of the secret room. Play in the global network and save to your computer - we are all free!

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