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Games Diego and Dasha can manage cartoon friends, perform different tasks. You can solve puzzles, find items, paint and travel.

Education of children - one of the most important personal tasks entrusted to people who dared to put their lives on the altar of this complex case. How do you properly hold a child on the delicate way of growing up, is not done with the bugs that destroy the potential of the baby? The modern world is split in two by two opposing trends. On the one hand people - a tool of social development, and on the other - a unique personality who strive to achieve everything for myself. What kind of side to adopt a future parent? No clear answer, because the truth lies in between. If you take the pitch on personal development, you will get completely combat ready biorobot reaching their goals. But without the emotional thinking and completely antisocial. Such a child may reach in the lives of many. But whether it is harmonious? Will he be the man to the fullest? If we take as a basis for the social approach, you can turn your child into a piece of cannon fodder for the state. Soldier zombie totalitarianism or ideal consumer in the world of capitalism. Such a person will have thousands of friends, but not a friend, a child is hardly realized, because it will not have a personal interest in anything else. The correct way is in the middle. Do not be a slave to society, but not to oppose his own. But this way - the most difficult and dangerous. Because you can make mistakes and get results instead of a system failure, to slide into one of the parties. Do these little ways, but most importantly, what to do in any way with the child - develop it. While development has to be inclusive. Even twenty years ago for this purpose encyclopedias and kids edition, but now can be found in the computer. Many offer both educational games, and educational courses. But what to choose? It all depends on the child, his aptitudes, age, interests. Panaceas do not exist, but there are those games that will suit the majority. For example, if your child loves educational cartoon about the adventures of Dasha and Diego, then you should pay attention to developing games with these characters. They will help your child not only to consolidate the knowledge or skills, but also learn a lot, and arrange correct moral priorities. Games Diego and Dasha can be downloaded right here. But, of course, is much better to play them directly in your browser window. And he and the other option is available on our website for free. And without registration.

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