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Do not need medical training to play the game the doctor. Games to help you learn the anatomy of the operation, will teach careful handling with virtual patients.

For each child, from early childhood characterized by playing certain games. Especially popular among young people play doctor, some children do the operation in his soft toys, other, mostly girls, "treat" their dolls. It should also be noted that almost all the children in the future will not choose the profession of doctor. General desire to see what's inside the toy is quite logical for a child, well, even more so if he considers himself a doctor. Precisely for this reason, these principles form the basis of modern games that have medical orientation. General medicine can be attributed to the attractive and rather complex topic, but the interest of the public it is. To see this, we must remember how popular the various films and TV series, based on medical topics. Just think of the same "Dr. House" or lighthearted comedy series "Interns", the first, the second - real hits TV.If your child is watching different movies, said that he wants to become a doctor, he must immediately explain what is the main duty of the profession. One of the options to introduce your baby to the profession of doctor - to play the game online on medical subjects. This is not only fun, but also will create a vision about the baby trade. Such games can do surgery, that is, to imitate, and to perform other medical duties. Your child can take a direct part here, as usual as a nurse, and a highly qualified surgeon. In general, it should be noted that health games are quite interesting, they literally are the same as all the responsibilities which reported to carry a doctor. In this game you need to make the correct diagnosis, write a set of medicines to fight with different complications and progression of the disease. In short, just like in real life, just like in a public hospital. Playing this game, the child will immediately understand - medicine is his vocation or not. Yes, that is how it is for children "medical" game. In these games, everything is literally closer to the real conditions, sometimes physiological details very closely resemble the real world. Also, games are different according to age characteristics. For children less all games are more distant from reality, there is no blood, but for the adults all as close to reality, so the children can try on yourself, how to be a doctor.

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