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Dragons game enliven mystical fire-breathing monster. Sometimes you need to control a knight fighting the dragon, and sometimes by the dragon, destroying evil enemies.

Fantasy worlds in our time become a norm of popular culture, as well as stories about love and betrayal. But the space no longer as popular as the worlds of another format. The gaming industry produces games one after the other worlds where magic and technology are intertwined with the world of mythical creatures, legends and folklore. Producers of the game world are creating more virtual universe dedicated to the elves, goblins and orcs. Although they apply to the user as much as possible options for the worlds in that format. Thousands of new mythical creatures, lots of options to compile and mix starship Vikings - fancy developers knows no bounds.One of the creatures, which are both for the consumer and for the developer, attractive, is the dragon. These creatures inhabit the game long ago. Therefore, they have acquired interpretations of different formats. For example, since the inception of the series Heroes of Might and Magic, was bred a whole classification of these creatures. In general, the heroes can find black, green, gold, red, gloomy, bone, ghostly and magical dragons. In other games, these creatures act as a direct way to undefeated opponents. In the game world public opinion, that the black dragon - the most powerful. They always have a huge stock of health, immune to magic, and can destroy enemies huge portions. In those heroes one black dragon early in the game could destroy whole armies of low level monsters alone. In addition, its immunity to magic could be a source of tactics. Well pumped towards magic hero with a black dragon would smash the enemy's army in the hundreds of times the power of the dragon. To do this, use the spell Armageddon, which provided plenty of magical power indicator could cause enormous damage to all on the battlefield. In addition to the black dragon. But to build on this game could not be received as a hero with a high protection or immunity to magic could easily overpower a lone dragon. Similarly, as the hero of the army, a one-time loss on the first order of course, from the forces that exceed the health points dragon. If such a character, had, for example, a large army of angels and high morals, the fight ended in one move - a blow to the dragon.All games are fantastic and make dragons adventure, players often specifically seek them, because the image of a mythical creature is between a monster and a magical winged handsome. Choose one of these games can be on this page.

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