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The economic strategy of the game require the player to entrepreneurial skill. Win a game of strategy can be economic if continually develop the enterprise.

For many fans of the computer entertainment economic strategy game makes absolutely fascinating. But there are those who are waiting for just the games of such qualities. That it required a complex combination of calculations, the ability to foresee the development of the situation and the regular presence there. The more, the modern society has made the image of big business is so attractive, that economic policies play an even schoolchildren. In this game you are, in fact, become the head of the enterprise. Although the action of, for example, can take place in the Middle Ages. At your disposal are not hired employees, and market activity, and the castle, lands, serfs and an army of mercenaries. The essence of this still does not change. - Your task is to manage it all so that it will bring the best return. There are fans of classical economic strategies that business looks almost the same as in reality. They are so realistic that they contain such things as fraud by the business partners, the dismissal of a valued employee at will and other troubles, often faced businessmen. And, of course, bankruptcy. Others prefer a more original approach. For example, the same medieval surroundings. Or try on the role of leader of an anthill or a complex system of caves. But this type of strategy game economic laws do not freely choose to interpret. Therefore, to make a profit out of the air will not work. Especially since the start of all games of this type most often from scratch. You only have a starting capital. Or a small company. Or fortified castle with a minimal amount of land. And then everything will have to do everything myself. Buy a business that can become profitable. Expand production and to enter into profitable contracts. Cultivate the land and sell their harvest. In short, you will find a slow pace and realism, which means the strategy genre. In which errors and childish approach permanently inhibit the growth of your virtual business. And sometimes even destroy it, and you have to start all over again. But this does not reduce the number of fans of various economic simulations.If you are interested in the above description, you can see the interesting patterns of economic policies right here in this section of our site. And it is absolutely free. Perhaps these serious games will be one of your favorite digital entertainment experience.

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