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Save the game's characters escape from complicated situations is not easy - you need to be smart, agility. These games use different gameplay and they will not allow the player to get bored.

What are the escape game? The name speaks for itself. The protagonist of these games put, hidden or locked up in a closed room. This is not necessarily a prison or a bathroom. This may be an old castle, apartment, or even a mysterious laboratory, which is populated by scientists and psychopaths who dream conduct experiments on you. Sometimes developers of games added to their story, which describes how the main character was in a certain place, but not all flash games it is. In most games, you just put before the fact that the main character is not in order, and it is urgently necessary to implement a single goal - to escape from the room. Thanks game series "Prison Break" you can not only fun and interesting way to spend your time, but also to develop some useful skills. In these games, the most maximally care must be enabled. The player must try very hard to discern the finest details and see the right things to help the main character, still out of the four walls. These games are very similar to the classic quest, perhaps, limited-time passing. Among other things, the hero offers a variety of tests. Stories in the games of the escape as particularly diverse. Sometimes you have to get out of the room of the artist, where you somehow trapped. The whole room was covered with canvas, paints, pictures. In general, highly creative atmosphere, and it is necessary to include the brains to figure out how to get out of here. During the shoot, have to scroll of the book, which are located in the room to squeeze paint from tubes, or even eat a few slices of cake. All these fine details will allow you to reach the ultimate goal - to escape. Some games offer you to get out of the cafe, and some of the creepy mansion Bin Laden. Try it, find a way to open the door of the room where no one can see no windows or doors. Of course, very popular flash game based on the famous TV series "Prison Break." The whole world watched with bated breath to see how successful engineer Michael Scofield specifically went to prison, with one purpose - to save his older brother Lincoln Burrows from the death penalty. For this, they need to escape from prison, "Fox River", where they sit. Try to get in the position of Michael, to cope with all the traps and surprises, and eventually to repeat his success, which got him very hard. Successful escape!

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