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In the farm can play online for free and urban residents, who even cows seen with my own eyes. Online farm games require the development of all aspects of agriculture.

It has long been the gaming market has not issued new concepts. Such that once all update and not to steal an idea from a neighbor. The last such format that was not stolen in any detail, was the famous farm on the basis of one of the social networks. This format, though partially covered by genre framework of economic strategy, though, is a unique and requires making a separate genre. Now advertising "farm porn movie" appears on every corner, but it is actually much more complicated. Some game design just give free demonstration. As a result, a huge number of problems - the jerk game. Unrealistic narrower set of game features and disappointment. The second feature of the supposedly free games online farm is the introduction of mechanisms for pumping money from the squad. Developers often create game mechanics such that without the money, though the farm is developing, but remains in place due to various problems that can be solved only inserting the real currency. Example - the dog in the original farm. Free it does not produce any way, and without raiding friends could leave the farm without any profit at all. True. Today's competitive market solves a lot, because the players are invited to play a different game farm, so no special spaces to induce monopoly mechanics aside real money there. Now players will simply leave the project. Therefore, developers must carefully to fish money out of the players. Urging them to methods that do not affect the possibility of the free games. So to play online for free farm may still need some real money that stops many players. Also, play farm conveniently in the office. Home no one would waste time on this kind of game. While developers try to fix it format. Recently started some games for girls farm, which is clearly aimed at children and people who play at home. But developers have little chance. As a multiplayer online game farm lose much in this market simply by clicking the mouse games that are completely negate such non-applicable in the home farm features in the format, as many hours of waiting. Therefore play free online farm better it is in this simplified version of the game. He and fun, and is not provided in order to kill time. It's a game for fun. By the way, to play online in a farm in that format you can have on the site.

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