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Find treasures in the virtual world of online games to help prospectors. Gold miners penetrate the ground and online games are also full of gold digger digging and explosions rock.

Many of the games are able to catch the player in just a few seconds of the game. These games are usually called killer scary notion of time. The secret of the magic of these games is that they can easily and easy to enter the player into a trance. This disables the brain and the person relaxes. It follows another feature: this kind of game are not of interest when they are trying to play at your leisure. Because the person is not tied to the computer in work related activities, usually chooses a completely different class than in the labor process. But that in order to pass the time in the office or get a brain dump they fit perfectly.A completely different situation is observed in another type of games, players can catch the first time. There are some products the gaming industry, which in simple and uncomplicated gameplay graphics are chained player to the monitor for hours. And they reveal the secret is not so easy as it seems.These products include online games gold digger. No matter how simple this game seemed, all her excitement can be understood only in the game after sitting for several hours. That's how long it took you to achieve the minimum result. While under this outcome is meant to achieve the levels on which interest begins to fade. The essence of the gameplay is simple. You - gold digger. Figure your character is clearly in the middle of the top of the screen. Your task is, oddly enough, to collect the gold. Located at the bottom of the mine, in which randomly scattered pieces of gold of different sizes. To get them, you have a dipstick. It regardless of your desire to sway in different directions. The player's task - to run the probe in the right moment, that he was in a gold nugget and pulled it out. Depending on the weight of the nugget is determined by the time required for the gold miners to raise it. The goal - the allotted amount of time to get the required amount of money. It is clear that the price depends on the weight nugget.Just? It was not there. In addition to gold on the playing field are scattered pieces of waste rock. It rocks the size of a small nugget, but as the great weight. If a player grabs it - your time. Stone can be dynamited, but there is a limited amount. To understand just how exciting this game, you should try to go to the section games online gold digger on our site. Although, you are already in it. So enjoy the game in the prospector for free now.

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