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If there is a desire to care for patients, to treat their disease, you can try the game for girls Hospital. You can do surgery, prescribe virtual medicine.

Up to a certain age, all children want to grow up. They play mostly consist of copying adults, their occupations and professions. Initially, the object of attention become parents. Girls learn to make soup in toy pots. Not because the very first years of life has an affinity for cooking. Because every day watching my mother doing this. And the boys are negotiating a toy cell phone, imitating their fathers business. Gradually to the interests of the child include more different people. With some of them it occurs in life, and someone sees on the TV screen. Then the baby for the first time there thinking about what he wants to be. Although neither of the parents is certainly not a pilot, a soldier or a photo model. During this period, to realize their fantasies of the profession, and try on different social roles children can help computer games.Today, thanks to the dominance of popular TV series on medical subjects, many children dream of working as a doctor. Of course, in this age, none of them think about the variety of medical specialties. And even more so, of the difficulties which are associated with each of them. The child, who said that he would be a doctor, want to go to a white coat, wearing a stethoscope around his neck, to put an accurate diagnosis and to save the lives of many patients. Even sometimes do surgery without blood and other naturalistic detail and injections delinquent patients. This is how a normal child imagines life doctor. And, of course, does not know that is not so simple and bright. If your daughter is confident that its future lies in medicine, some idea of ​​this specialty can give her a computer game. In special games for girls as hospital scene makes the plot diversity. And it helps to understand that the doctor should have many qualities which is not a word in the popular series. For example, to be responsible. And not just how advantageous it would look in the picture, but for the health and the lives of their patients. Must be a real scholar in his field. And often exhibit dedication, putting patients' interests above their own leisure and personal affairs. Strangely enough, but the game of the hospital quite give this idea even a child. Do not believe me? Then play a few of those which are available on our website in the section. They are free. And not just for information, but for a full game.

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