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To win the game to build houses, create a strong and beautiful building. Games build cities need to take care also of transportation in its settlement.

The world of computer games has an interesting feature. It creates the illusion of simplicity. Which applies to almost all areas of life. Indeed, thanks to the vast subject of games, their audience in a virtual reality can do almost anything. To date, to raise children, to choose dresses, hair and makeup, to manage their business in a coffee shop or supermarket. And the people of the primitive mindset truly believe that all of these activities is easy. Because they are so brilliantly cope with all the difficulties in the game!For example, many fans even simple simulation economic development of the metropolis are sure they know how to equip a home town. True, they can do just by clicking a computer mouse to the right places on the screen. And they really believe that the design or the central business district in the life of the street is almost as easy as on the screen. And the closer to reality simulator, the stronger their confidence. However, in people with complex simulations like minded play rarely. For them, it is too difficult and boring.Strangely enough, but do not have a similar effect games, themes which can be considered interior design. Those which are briefly referred to as the "game to build houses." But they have no relation to the simulations, which were discussed above. After all, here playing a task is not to create a sustainable city project. And in that beautiful place home, gazebos, benches and fences in the street, neighborhood or even a green lawn. In fact, those who play these games, a beautiful arrangement of objects on the background of the set designers of scenery. This develops the flavor and spatial thinking. So games of this type is highly recommended for children of a certain age. And do not be afraid of another of their name, which sounds like "game to build the city." Nothing is complicated. And so the city can build even a preschooler who has skill with a computer.In this case, a game genre can not be called boring and primitive. Here, as elsewhere, there is a fine works of developers who are able to awaken interest in the game tasks even in the adult. In this you can see by examining the games that we have gathered in this section. You appear almost all categories of games that meet the definition of "game to build towns and houses." Play at least a few. And, perhaps, become a fan of this game genre. And you can play them for free on our site.

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