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Not to kill innocent animals, but also to experience the excitement of hunting, hunting game worth downloading. Champion of free hunting will be the one who catches the most game.

The society is not quenched debate about the correctness of the hunt. The fact that the development of civilization gradually leads to a totally unhealthy - the appearance of the defenders of something. In this case, the question of animal welfare advocates. No, take care of the living creatures - that's good. But those involved and government agencies. After all, countries should, to hunt has not led to the disappearance of species, or the threat of destruction of the ecosystem. But animal rights advocate that animals that were not killed at all. Covered the walls of the large cities, they lost touch with reality and perhaps reduce everything to the point that during the attack the bear in the woods, you do not defend, and hold diplomatic talks. It is, as one famous person, urban heresy, which grows out of the welfare and security of the forces of nature and wildlife. After all, people - part of the ecosystem, it also need to eat and dress. And equate it to the control methods to living creatures can not. Rifle - it's claws man. Beavers build dams, it is also transforming the environment, birds build nests - the same. And the only reason urban residents could think of before having to defend someone so stupid way. Lynx and wolves will not stop, knowing that in the forest there are only two hares. Leo is compelled roe in tears, realizing some blame to society artiodactyls. But some people believe that we all need to repent together to pigs, some of which we independently derived, in fact, we should not just leave the prey animals die of old age, but also to provide them with conditions for normal reproduction. That is, by the nature of the world to give his food, and to die out by the plant foods without minerals and enough calories. Of course, they do not support the idea, neither men nor governments world countries. The developers of most computer games are also not subject to such forms of urban heresy, so the games go hunting regularly. Number of hunting simulator users quite impressive, though in this kind of games there are several types. All games are free hunting fall into several categories. Some of them look like a banal shooter, a player must simply destroy a large number of targets in vegetarianism. Other - simulation of real hunting, with two bullets in the gun and suddenly departing ducks.Play games online, you can hunt on our site. While right on this page. Of course, it's free and requires no registration.

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