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Eastern culture often attracts people from the west its uniqueness and remoteness in the mental plane. Indeed, Japanese and Chinese cultural environment so otlicha6etsya from everyone else that few people can understand all the intricacies, not having lived there for several years. But the audience requires a steady supply of products that will allow them to feel closer to the east. And if the authenticity of the material medium of the same land does not matter, since she is an attractive form of presentation, the culture is much more complicated. It is not so easy to pick up the keys to what you do not understand. Errors and inaccuracies in films and movies abound. And the animation is not far behind. That only is the animated series "Winx", which was conceived by copying the likeness of the anime. Another product is the least popular feature-length animated film Kung Fu Panda. Cartoon himself as a cartoon, turned out good. But here's the theme, as written literature teacher, was not disclosed. The fact that fans of martial arts movies, in the title, can not believe his eyes. It seems to be the image normal and the characters use the right styles of Kung Fu, but the atmosphere is not the same. Story came out just too American, American-style and American world. That is where you do not move these characters, but still leaves the typical American picture with the corresponding picture. Thus, a failed attempt to revive the long-forgotten movie about Kung Fu, but a good all-American cartoon. Speaking of forgotten genre. Extremely popular in the 90s of the last century films featuring martial artists (among them at one time went Jackie Chan) is now remembered only by those who saw them then. In this culture of Kung Fu so forgotten in our time that the gaming market are often looking for games Confucius Panda. Yes, in that writing. But 15 years ago to make a mistake in this word could only woodsman or the only inhabitant of the island in the ocean. And the owners of sites have to meet their customers, providing them with their own games own fault - games online panda confit. Here you will find the game on this subject in the normal version. Because in fact these games are the same, often under both versions lies two copies of the same game. Also we were able to collect a small selection of the first versions of the game Kung Fu Panda 2. Like everything on our website, these games you can download for free. Even it is not necessary to register.

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