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Heroine of the game was a beautiful mermaid sea inhabitant of Andersen's fairy tales. She wants to be a prince, but the evil spell prevent it to achieve happiness.

Disney animation has influenced the culture of our planet enough globally. Cartoons on the studio by several generations of children around the world. Mickey Mouse, Princess of all kinds - those heroes that have influenced the lives of many children, making it a better and more joyful. The secret of these cartoons certainly hard to see anyone. After all, they do not carry any ideas or programmatically. These are simple stories that are designed to help children learn the fantastic worlds, to believe in the good and loyal friendship, to show them the world is not so dark as it may seem. If you look at the world-famous Disney cartoons, we realize that many of them are stories by various authors. That is part of the success of these cartoons was exactly what they were using popular topics, famous people around the world for years. Only caveat here is: most of them served in the adapted version of the viewer, because most of the stories is a reflection of the soul of the people or a specific author. Moreover, such a product does not necessarily have an optimistic ending. After all, as a people, and a particular author, in this or that version of the tale is trying to show the reality of the period which is the period of their lives. As a result, many tales, created during the dark period, characterized by no means childish plot and full of despair and hopelessness. As an example we can take the fairy tale by Andersen, tells the story of the little mermaid, falls in love with a prince. Now everyone knows the story in the treatment, which was displayed in the animated Walt Disney. It all ended well, it is the wedding. And here's the original text, which, by the way, not extremely optimistic, shows quite different. Tale is actually quite tragic.But some American studio animators rethink it, making it more child - and got an excellent cartoon. While the image of the little mermaid, wherever he mentioned, is all the association only with the very Disney heroine. This cartoon won the people's love is so strong that quickly entered the nascent gaming world. On the console game got a little mermaid, who became one of the only female model console games. The girls sat for hours at the game, often buying the console just to play the little mermaid. The theme of mermaids back developers and other game genres, but this product has managed to become really famous. Acquainted with the game can be directly on the page. Free.

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