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NASCAR red machine from the movie "Cars" to please its fans participating in mini-games. Race, coloring books, puzzles and other genres offer games Makvin.

Which may be a key to the soul of the consumer film products? Unknown, you might say. But it is not. There are several topics that are guaranteed to attract the public to your product. Unless, of course, it will be removed at the proper level. Such topics are few, but are present in all areas. The first theme-bait - animals. All stories about fuzzy and horned creatures surely bring you the opportunity to get at least a children's audience. If the target audience is young people, and is, the story of the little animals must be tearful - ready!Also very large audience is guaranteed to bring together a film about people who are not okay with a social life. It must be a comedy, though it is funny stupid and antisocial characters. People love to feel like not a bad, stupid and ridiculous.Suitable for the female audience about love. In the manufacture of the product do not forget the image of a woman, which then everyone will be a little higher than the man, or run the risk of falling into the box. What exactly above - it does not matter: cunning, money, intelligence, career - fits all.Man draw weapons. Big and powerful. And plenty of light steel and corpses. History lone guard coolest guns in the world will not interest anyone, eating it out of a pawn do not try to destroy the world. And to motivate members of both sexes at different levels of wealth, you need to make a movie about cars. Thought, many will say that the movie should be a roaring engine and shine of chrome on a car worth a couple of million steepest rates in the world. But this is also a classic mistake. In the films of the car of the speed and exciting plot, and a Cossack ahead liner or a Ferrari - has no value.The most difficult genre - the family. First, the competition is great. Second, the interest to the head of the family and children of different genders at the same time - a very difficult task. As an example of the successful implementation of such a film can take a picture of an animated cars. For men, there is the main thing - cars. Let them speak and funny, but the speed and drive Makvinu not hold. For children there are custom cartoon characters, and for women - romance. Universal animated picture for all categories of visitors. The success of the film proves its reflection in the game world. Games Makvin became popular for a period of many racing games. Play them and you. Right on this page. As always - for free, without registration and without problems.

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