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Immerse yourself in the magical world of the ocean depths can play a mermaid. Beauties with tails fish swim in the water and the mermaid games for girls pose in front of them different tasks.

The image of a mermaid to world culture has been around for centuries. And in every age gets a completely new interpretation and shades. Folk mermaid - a character quite gloomy. Regardless of the tales, legends and stories which nation in question, mermaids are hostile to people and have a rather dark past. For example, are girls who drowned of unrequited love. Or unbaptized children who died in infancy. In the era of Romanticism appeared the image of mermaids as sea, river and the people as a whole underwater with their way of life, and his way of life and characters. And, of course, with the most fish tails. Before that mermaids still had legs. A touching way of children's tales of mermaids made Danish storyteller Andersen. Continued its tradition of many feature-length cartoons. The authors set themselves the task to film work Dane, yet adding a bit of optimism. An example of this - the history of the little mermaid from the cartoon Disney. There is not only a happy ending with a wedding, but also the colorful characters and hilarious sense of humor, which is in a grim tale of Andersen, of course, was not. Modern culture considers image mermaid tale in the scheme of everyday life. Girls with tails, great ability to swim and live under water get into the modern world with all its realities. And trying to adjust to life in it, hiding its origin. What causes many funny situations that can make most of good comedy. Romantic comedy, if a regular guy fall in love with a mermaid. And adventurous when it comes to how the current rules of the game are changing mermaid on your own. Of course, can not do without flying mysticism and fantasy. A good example of such works of contemporary culture - a teen TV series «h2o». It was from there entered the modern mermaid games for girls as a way that causes concern. There it is about a girl who got into a magical underwater cave turned into mermaids. The question of the tail, the authors decided very tricky. Heroine look like ordinary schoolgirl. But getting even a drop of water on their feet is a non-standard response - limbs become the proverbial fish tail. Game based on the television movie, you can easily find on our website, using the phrase "h2o mermaid game." They are bright, colorful, dynamic, and you probably will like. Choose any game - all of them have absolutely free.

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