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Game ninja pose player different tasks, the total voltage of contractions. Play online games ninja can not even owning any fighting techniques.

In the 90 years of the last century, many children who have witnessed the beginning of the game world itself, enjoyed playing ninja genre, in which the characters were armed with swords and syurikenami. One of those games came with the Chinese version of the 8-bit consoles - analogue of the famous Dandy. The second game was not as prevalent, but had, which represented the most popular and almost that of the then top gaming industry. Divine as the 8-bit voice, perfectly thought out gameplay, a variety of enemies, and a set of several different characters, each with a howl function. Challenging bosses, the existence of the plot (the truth about him, no one knew, because it was in Japanese, but the picture could be out at least in the main theme of the game) - everything in this game was a head taller counterparts of that era. Now, some players are looking for in the search engines to "play ninja games online" and find that game. It was called the Ninja Cats. Now topic twilight warriors of Japan strongly smeared. The fact that ninja were read in conjunction with the samurai or the Assassins. Especially far from the truth the first option. The fact is that about any honor these professional killers had no idea. They sought to become a shadow, which carries the death in any way - in the back, in his sleep - not important. On the contrary, they tried not to get stuck in straight fight. Therefore, the image is much closer to the Assassins ninja. While in the historical sense, both options are far from the truth. Free online games ninja and now popular, but not so. As in the days of dawn - in the era of video game consoles by 8 bits. Today, instead of the ninja are the completely different characters with the same features. In Cinemas do not have these shadow warriors, then, the new generation does not want to play ninja game with the force with which they played before the children of a similar age. Only the absence of threads in the global culture does not allow developers to create a game world full modern game projects, where would these dusky warriors who played a major role. But in the category of flash games and classic collection of gaming products, this topic is very popular. Therefore, users will gladly go deep into the game world to defeat your enemies with the sword, killing syurikenom target and escape from the chase with a smoke bomb. Intermingled and you to the wonderful world of ninja. You do not need to torture the search engines do not need to register and do not pay a penny. Simply open a page that contains just such a game.

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