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Just you wait free games can become parties to counter the wolf and the hare. Just you wait to play for free can fans of this cartoon of all ages.

Hare! Wolf! Hare! All, whose life began in the Soviet era, certainly know what they say those words. Cartoon "Just you wait!"Was popular with many generations of Soviet children. And now this cartoon does not lose its audience, and after the restoration with the help of computer technology, the ranks of fans of the classic cartoon is replenished and children today.In Soviet times, it was just about the only quality product in this format. Despite the statements of people who did not dream of leaving the back communism, about the corruption of the "bourgeois" Tom and Jerry, "Well, wait a minute!"Was almost complete analog of western cartoon. Only there were some features. For example, an American cartoon in the form in which it saw our children, had no political and social implications. This cartoon just narrated on the personalized images cat and mouse, which fought a war, often having human qualities and getting into a situation much like the human.In the Soviet version of the wolf and the hare acted that were not that personalized, and there were people in the world full of anthropomorphic animals. Soviet censors often forced starving artists to express themselves gradually push their ideas and ideas in children's products that are tested far less than the cinema and literature.The result is an exemplary hare almost Komsomol and the Wolf in the form of alcoholic who is asocial life. In addition, the cartoon was laid a lot of ideological points. For example, the wolf was wearing quite clear today bottoms and crimson blouse. In Soviet society, this was a clear implication, sends the viewer to the image mods. Confronting the wolf and the hare was so popular that, despite massive ideological moments, compress it. And the reason was not the love of the population for political reasons during the animation. Just moments other than those mentioned in the "Just you wait!"Contain a lot of harsh criticism of Soviet life. People would look at how the power is not noticed mockery and sly fun of party members along with the authors cartoon. This cartoon is a memorable feat. His heroes were the first video game characters in the USSR. Well, now wait a minute free games available on the Internet, and then the game was a separate device. Play well, you can wait for free right here.

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