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Traveling on a ship under a black flag, rob other vessels, producing treasures - such entertainment offer pirates online games. Ready to become a virtual sea wolf?

Naval battles were part of the history of human warfare. Very often, sea battles decide the fate of cities and millions of people. But they were all part of the history of the land. But the sea had its own military operations. For example, the pirates were living with their loot. They were in the sea for most of his short life often. But this does not mean that the pirates lived in the sea. They had a base, and even the whole country. In addition, it should be mentioned that the concept of piracy little blurry in understanding the modern man. The point here, as always, in political games. In the days when pirates were frequent guests on the decks of merchant ships, there was, in fact two types of piracy. Pirates in the classic sense - pirates - were a gang of brutal murderers who did not care about human life. They are quite often neglected personal hygiene and were very far from the images that are so fond of modern girls watching a movie. These pirates have attacked vessels not engaged in battle with armed vessels, as they are always inferior in military strength. For them, the main thing was not only production, but also the cruelty and murder. About honor among these pirates were not discussed, as the struggle for power led to the massacre in the environment of pirates. The second type of pirates, most likely, and became the prototype of the romantic heroes, who are now propelled to stardom Hollywood movies. These were not pirates, and apostates - people, mostly soldiers, victims of backroom games at the court of a ruler. As a result, they are persecuted by enemies, sought to overthrow the government, attacking not only the dealers, but also on the Flotilla. There are stories of entire fleets of ships, the regular army to give battle on equal terms. Honor for these people was not an empty word, because most of them were former soldiers.There is also a third type of pirates - the public service. These military flotilla carried pirate activity in the path of an enemy state courts in an attempt to undermine the economic ties between the cities. Also in their task was to sabotage and destroy small groups of enemy military courts.There are no general concept of piracy in the mass consciousness. Film and video game industry does not provide the user with a reliable product, and adaptations, which essentially boils down to a fascinating story. Pirates online games occupied not worse than the other player characters. On this page are all the pirate games, which we were able to get. Free - just for our visitors.

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