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Cute little horses were heroes playing pony. They can comb, feed, walk in nature - games for girls pony offer different colors and growth.

What distinguishes man from animal, contrary to popular opinion, is not in the intellectual sphere, but in a completely ordinary human emotions. The fact that human lives are not to think logically, no hormonal activity and external reaction to something. People actually subservient reflection of reality in your head, in your feelings, your emotions. Therefore, many of us may accomplishes actions, not controlled by logic, actions that are solely under the authority of a single moment of his life. Even point, but rather under the control of the effect of reflection, which has remained in the minds of the concrete being an event of reality. Therefore, we are all different, so we do not keep the same biological process, not attitudes, and emotions and expressive behavior. We love and hate, we cry and rejoice from completely different things, by an incredible fact, unpredictable and seemingly simple events. To one of the best human qualities include love for animals. This property is perfectly human. All possible interactions between species in nature are justified beneficial to both parties a strange symbiosis cooperation. The man, in contrast, has a completely unselfish feeling that the dictionary describes the concept of emotion. Looking at the defenseless dangerous animal or vice versa, one feels with him empathic relationship that allows us to see in a dog, cat or horse a friend, a companion and equal. Another quality of this nature is the love of the little creature. I mean, not small, and those beings that can recall the reduced state known animal. That is always moved by the puppies more than adult dogs, the same for cats.Based on this, we can understand why people love ponies. After all, these animals combine both qualities that are inherent in the human mechanism of empathic communication - a little animal. That is why most of the city against the pony rides. After all, these animals feel sorry when they are living in appalling conditions on the city pavement. This is the reason that most of us prefer to play pony really skating. Indeed, in the virtual world of the pretty horses groomed and beautiful, is not that the points rolling. On this page you will find all the games for girls pony in our directory. Cute horses are waiting for you for free. Just click and play without registration.

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