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New versions of the game Prince of Persia Classic Toys recurring theme. Play Prince of Persia, is to govern him during his escape from prison, and in a battle with the evil vizier.

Popularity of some of those games are endless. Many games continue his story over the years, staying in the top positions in the rankings. These products are very often accompanied by mass hysteria during the exit of the next game in the series. Probably one of the oldest series of games that are still relevant to this day, is the story of Prince of Persia. Prince of Persia games have been known not only to the first computer, but on consoles. The series continues to this day, although many fans the first games will not play in the modern game. Society and age often put people in a position where his desires, even the most innocent, are no longer available to him because of fashion, status, or other social factors. Even though the trend is now playing at any age is gradually conquering the world, many fear the play, forcing himself out of desire inherent in childhood. They can not understand that this is a conservative look that is totally irrelevant to many. In the end, what's the difference between a game and sitting out in front of mindless TV? It often happens that the game world is much more useful and informative than the content of television programs. But those who remember the Prince of Persia is the first of its parts, still trying to look for an hour in your favorite game or its sequel. The first games were two-dimensional, like all games of the period. After traps were at every step, and life was not so much to each of them to check the hard way. Then play Prince of Persia was very difficult. After all, this game contains a lot of difficulties, for which he became popular. The essence of the game was to get through the level. Except that the floor was not always easy. Often it was a trap, landslides and other surprises. In addition, the game world was full of enemies. Battle with them was a real duel, not that in modern games. In fact, it was the first game so popular today in the style of parkour. Jumping, neat pass the danger zone, running, climbing ledges - this is an incomplete list of what was a Prince of Persia. During the existence of the game came out more than 10 pieces, all of them caused serious interest from players. Modern Prince of Persia is not the same as before, but still, many people play it with pleasure and nostalgia. Play and you - right here. Free, as always.Prince of Persia games online for free, online for free. All free Prince of Persia game online only in the world of entertainment The best online flash game Prince of Persia free for children. Fabulous world of adventure and your favorite games - all online game Prince of Persia is available for free now. Play Prince of Persia online now.

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