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Great fun for two players on the same computer - it's a game for two races. You can choose the same machine and actually find out who can be called a champion.

Now very popular in the world of computer games are multi-player online games. Players from all over the world are coming to the game servers to compete in agility, accuracy, perseverance, and perseverance. Yes, that's right. Indeed, in many games of this format have to sit for months and sometimes years to achieve some result-wide game server. Also, very often the players face off thick wallets. This is understandable, since the developers want to make money on their product. Oddly enough, most of the games you can play without money. Yes, the game will have to spend a lot more time, but will have to be content with the achievements of the average, but to get pleasure from the process of the game, not the position in the ranking, it is realistic. Genre-specific multiplayer games is also quite extensive. It is no longer just a role play with the elves, dwarves and mages. No, modern multiplayer games - a set of all genres, which is only partly an element of role-playing games. For example, in a racing simulator of the game remains in the race, but what will be the car, what will be the performance - it is solved by the system levels. Network strategy and did not differ from the usual strategies. The main difference is that the construction, exploration and mining resources are stretched in time than for a few minutes, and the hours and days. Otherwise, everything from simple strategies - the battle in real time or step, map, areas of occupation and so on. Gradually format games on the local network is losing relevance. All battles in the classic race and migration strategy to the Internet. Even Flash Games Acquires Global Rankings and other interesting features of the Internet. And as usual the game offers players an epidemic of small and not very interesting story, but it is very attractive features of the game on the network. What is left for players who want an old habit to come home in one of them, and to start fights on the same computer. The obvious answer is a pleasure to play in the outdated products a decade ago, or looking in the same online game, designed for the simultaneous game on one computer. We strive to help that player to find him. For example, on this page are the race for two games, playing in which you can fight with the enemy, who is sitting next to you. That is, you will have the opportunity to plunge into the game full of excitement and adrenaline of genuine competition.

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