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Try to play Russian billiards online for free - it is not only easy, but fun. Easy to run virtual cue ball in the pocket and put billiard achievements.

Types of billiard - this is a very broad topic. In fact, the difference between some of them are so striking that even play on the same table in different species can not. For example, American and Russian table differ not only in size, but also the wide pockets, the resistance of the coating. Russian billiards ball and pocket almost the same diameter. Russian billiard balls, in addition, more than an order of magnitude. In general, play Russian billiards is not just because of these indicators. That is, the restrictions in the rules of the classical Russian billiards is much less than in the U.S. version of the game. Russian billiards can be beaten on any ball or any ball. But the problem is that the score with such simple rules (in terms of the player in the American pool) is very easy, because it needs to put the ball almost on the line. If the American billiards any direct hit - it hit the sector in which there may be several paths, the Russian deviation per degree can lead to a miss. Differences between the American and Russian billiards manifested in everything. Starting from the technology shock, to logic. If you look on the Russian game, you will see the players that are being heavily hit by the balls, the players in the American pool will behave diametrically opposed - gently roll the balls, occasionally inflicting heavy blows. The case is the specific rules that dictate style. The American version has a lot of value out - that is, move the cue ball on the table after a collision with a target ball. After all, you can only hit one ball. And not every goal the ball goes in favor of the player. The balls are divided into their own and others. Respectively scored the ball must also be accompanied by a good position the cue ball for the next shot - yield. In addition, the width of the pocket can tighten up the balls, hit a sharp angle to the pocket, and many other techniques. For a player in Russian billiards all funny. Indeed, as noted above, no deviation is allowed. But this does not mean that in practice the Russian pool only direct blows. Each whack embedded backspin, which affects the trajectory of the ball. As for game logic, it is also significantly different. Thus, in the Russian pool you can score the ball, the selected cue, provided that he fought off another ball. The U.S. scored a billiard cue - that's fine. In addition, American billiards player divides the balls on their own and others, that does not make a player in Russian. Differences are many. And on the Internet to play Russian billiards online for free, you can right here.

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