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To help spread the virtual Santa Claus gifts to children, avoid obstacles, solve puzzles. Games offer a lot of Santa Claus Christmas adventure.

New Year's Day - a unique moment in the year when representatives of very different views celebrate holidays. For example, for the layman it is - a lot of the weekend, sort of a little vacation, a reason to drink a lot of alcohol with impunity in the possibility of overnight legally listen to loud music. For Christians, both Western and Eastern rite these days contain a holiday birthday of one of the major deities in their religion. And for children - a time when there is a maximum of miraculous events and comes publicly acknowledged favorite - Santa Claus. This image is concentrated essence of childhood itself. Older children who have already learned that Santa Claus - it's mom and dad are often reluctant to reveal the terrible secrets younger brothers and sisters. Their life is still too little experience and disappointment to understand the depth of the need for this mysterious figure - Santa Claus. After all, he symbolizes the faith baby in a fairy tale. The belief that the world is magical. Also, if you look at Santa's older eyes, it turns out that it is a powerful educational tool. Behaved well - get a gift. It's like a system of philosophy for the baby, because a year disadvantageous activity for one small gift - in the adult world is not going to work. Good old man is to protect childhood from the realities of our world. After all, Santa Claus is always clear and there is special justice. Conducted well - gift. Bad - no gifts at all. And it does not work the legal red tape and demagoguery, the child is responsible for his actions. After all, in the adult world can be a situation where murder is not a bad deeds by cunning logical inversion, and no supervisor to come and punish the villain, no. For children, this situation could be very destructive. Because then they would have learned how to use the parent location and would suit their house hell. And Santa Claus, which exists in every culture, and stands by the controller. He has no emotions, and points to the application of manipulation. In the gaming world, the image of Santa Claus appears in a slightly distorted. Games programmed adults, they are also investing in their own vision. As a result, the game Santa often gets the way it is seen by adults - drunk, ridiculous and so on. But there is a game for children in which Santa Claus, the way it should see the kids growing up: fabulous, kind, and almost sacred. Both those games you can find on our site.

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