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In Ctalker play online for free can be a little scary, because in the exclusion zone there are different monsters. But the spirit of the researcher would not stop at obstacles.

Once the Strugatsky brothers wrote the novel "Roadside Picnic", which talks about stalkers - people risking their lives extracting valuable artifacts from the area of ​​the affected countries are extraterrestrial disaster. This complete philosophical reflection romance has come a long way and has become a favorite book for many generations, but now the word stalker everyone understands completely different than then. The fact is that since the game of the same name, the understanding and the balance of power in the media field has changed us only that the disposition of the former appears to have disappeared. Now teenagers massively read second-rate stories that grab publishers a sweet soul, as long as the plot of the game and well though to a minimum. Of any thoughts and we are not talking, the style also stands apart, because publishers are important gains, and fans are ready to sweep the topic from the shelves of every thing that is familiar bukovki «S.T.A.L.K.E.R.". Meanwhile, the software company is preparing to release a new part of the game. Understandably, it is unlikely to be released this year, but publishers are already preparing for a surge rush. The gaming market, more precisely in the market of small flash games, also felt some stress. The fact that the versions of the game, already up so much that they just overshadow almost forgotten original. That is a stalker play online for free - this is not fiction. There are a lot of small games, is promoted by the fans MMORPG. There are also plenty of fan product on the subject.For all these events, and the history of the world Strugatsky somehow forgotten. Of course, one can argue for a long time. Is it important in the game philosophical subtext, it is important artistic value? Even if you admit that you need, then there would be no game behind rival out of the bookshelf. The fact that the games are also masterpieces. The story, gameplay, graphics, important in the context of the era. In all this stalker has surpassed many consumer goods that period. Excellent sense of humor, wonderful landscapes of real cities, different national colors - all this makes the game truly worthy of respect. And the plot - all excellent. Construction, fitting into the gameplay - all this makes the game so interesting that dares to call it bad just stupid. It's true, many of the first players initially thought the hero at the end of the reactor filled up with designs? After all, only the skin vzhivanie Bullseye will allow players to understand the essence and find all the other end, which are not as obvious as in other games.

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