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Fans of the legendary film Star Wars playing games can now with Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda and others. Star Wars games are created in various genres.

Former Star Wars fan are not. This is said in jest and seriously. In fact, the world of the film was a success so qualitatively and fun that many of those who caught this universe, to this day are under the influence. The best proof of this thesis can be a game world. Not had time to get a multiplayer game on the story of Star Wars, as it immediately occupied by millions of players. While paid game from the beginning but, nevertheless, many of the players broke for Peace Star Wars its rule - do not spend money on the net. No matter what all the opponents, and this world will be relevant for years to come. During the short period of existence, the game won several tens of millions of man-hours of play, and the number of destroyed billions of computer players. Are these figures prove true popularity of the game world, which want to spend your time so many players? Although all the game-related projects with the universe of Star Wars, was so popular and settled in the category of eternal games. A strategy game for shooting, role-playing, simulations piloted spaceships - all this made the company, George Lucas, and all this has become incredibly popular. After all, Star Wars was forced to play the game, even those who are never interested in virtual reality.While completely unimportant parts of the gameplay. For example, the strategy - the battlefield of Star Wars - a balanced game can match almost anyone. For example, under the special units to be created chaos. Trade Federation armed battle droids that are most universal form ground shredder. Ten of these units, one or two long-range guns, and three self-propelled air defense when used to bulldoze any base. And rebel starship Jedi alone can not defeat even two ordinary ship, even if they attack at a time. And these units are the same. Similarly, the flying artillery of the parties, though powerful, but can not be compared with the flying soldiers Geonosis. Dozen of soldiers smash and artillery, and protection, and the guns hold the right place. But the balance is not so important for the game Star Wars. The main thing - the atmosphere. Already enough that the droids in the game are the same as in the movie. Voice, characters, units - it was in the film. Atmosphere - the main advantage of such games. Such examples hundred. And the players are ready to pay more for the opportunity to wave a lightsaber.

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