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Games require a taxi to take passengers to the destination. Often the road will meet danger, but a skilled gamer can easily avoid them.

With the release of the big screen film Luc Besson "Taxi" the popularity of this mode of transport in the world popular culture began to increase with space velocity. They say Marseilles taxi even become a tourist attraction for a while. Along with this, many people have learned many interesting things about the profession of a taxi driver. After all, every taxi driver - a storehouse of stories and jokes. True, many customers do not like it, so there is an unwritten rule - landing in the back says that the client is not ready to communicate, so the taxi drivers who violate this rule are usually not very popular. But if you have a desire to talk to the taxi driver, you can learn a lot of interesting and fun in the life of the city and its roads. With any experienced taxi driver can safely discuss any cars. In addition, you can get accurate information about a particular car to navigate, whether to buy it. No expert will give you a more accurate description of a car. Globally, taxis are quite diverse. Some cities are carting world famous because of some specifics. While not necessary for the city lit up in the film industry. It so happens that the local legislative, religious or mental specificity makes taxi unforgettable. In the game world taxi takes quite a lot of space. Moreover, the film by Luc Besson's not in the business. More precisely, the games on this blockbuster enough. But the bulk of the games are simulations of real taxi. The specificity here is that the players are accustomed to drive on mad speeds and push opponents off the track, very surprised when they find a taxi in the network game. After all, if a racing simulator importantly - to reach the goal first, then these games are almost the opposite. Because taxis are not breaking the law and riding around town. So, the problem of taxi driver - fit into the traffic, protect your car from collisions and, of course, to avoid conflict with the authorities. That is, fans smashing shop windows on the machine to ram other cars, drive on the sidewalk and break all known rules of the road these games is clearly not fit. In games, the player must deliver the taxi client's place as soon as possible, but at the same time you have to stay at traffic lights, take into account the rules of the road and avoid collisions. If you rammed another car, the customer will run away in terror, and you will not get the money, and thus lose. You can not win, just going into the arrow next to the keyboard. Try it yourself - here.

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