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Dreaming about their future wedding, girls can play in the wedding dress to play. Prepare a dress or a cake can play a wedding for girls.

In computer games, there is a fairly long-standing trend. The gaming format is transferred not only imaginative and fantastic events, such as land grabbing space aliens, and the life of humanity after a nuclear war. Fairly popular story is a retelling of the game's most common household events. It does not matter whether he did in the format of a complex simulator or the most simple game with primitive tasks. Anyway, these games find an audience.Job as a waitress in a cafe, a salesperson at the counter, a receptionist at the chef, hotel manager and owner of a private beach. Try it at home want a lot of gamers. As well as prepare meals in the kitchen or a virtual cocktail in a virtual bar. There is also a separate layer of games that simulate a real game events of social life. For example, games wedding dress. It would seem that this ritual should be interested only in reality. But it is not. Not only young girls, but also very mature the fairer sex enjoys spending time in games of this type. They are really interested in the selection of dresses, shoes, veils, hairstyles, makeup and jewelry for the bride painted. And interest in an infinite number of options. After all of these games on the WAN can not find dozens, even hundreds. They are also called games for girls wedding. Although no elements wedding, but white attire, they are not observed. Developers actively trying to diversify this rather narrow format. For example, create a series of wedding games with celebrities. Or too much emphasis on beauty, detail and brightness of the picture game. There is a whole series of weddings for members of various youth subcultures. To pick up an outfit for a bride will not be so easy. But the result will be much more interesting to watch the person for whom marriage is not the subject of worship and the reason for bigotry. As a rule, these people are men. For them, the game is not about the wedding only unappealing, but frankly incomprehensible. So that their target audience is all-female.It is for it, we have created a section on our website devoted entirely different category of wedding games. Here you can find all their variations - as the most famous and original, and even exotic. Any of these games, you can easily save it to your computer. Or play it on the network. Both - absolutely free.

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