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Games Winx season 5 are their favorite characters. Manage their adventures, develop magical talent - playing Winx Season 5 are invited to the world of good magic.

Sometimes it happens that shoddy become popular original. These rude, but true words, we can describe the phenomenon of the animated series "Winx Club". Now, when the Internet looking for new games massively Winx Season 5, distinctly clear what the pros and cons of this cartoon. First, the authors redraw anime style hook into it elements of European cartoon, which made it more popular masses of spectators in this part of the world, but also had the opposite effect, leading to a permanent shift in the target audience. Gnarled, rather comical legs and dresses in the style of Winx smeared sexual innuendo Japanese genre. As a result, the target audience has been lowered for a few years and the series of children's adolescence was. The plot remains the same. As a result, some of the characters behaviors designed to be understandable and close the teenagers turned into sheer mockery of the child's mind.By the way, screenwriter and animator clearly did not understand each other. Where the author wanted to portray the story discreet escape one of the girls made the animation scene is full of frank indifference on the part of supposedly loyal friends. Battles in the execution of the author and do Winx pale semblance of a dynamic picture of the anime. Yes and logical plot suffers. Only openly target children keep the audience in anger, because the quality of performance, the characters and setting priorities does the victory of good illogical and insulting, the dark side where prettier, stronger, and, most importantly, correct and modern. Heroines look so good yourself beneficiaries, who always carries. And they themselves are helpless and do not deserve the final triumph of good. In a society ruled by the cult of success and determination, and those qualities take negative characters. Motivation Action Heroes that gave key steps that led to a head in the direction of good, to say the least, questionable. More precisely, it is meaningless, like so much of the plot. Right in the world and the logic of the moral and ethical laws of reality - and all would have ended in the first series. But why do people continue to love no heroes? Why do so many people want to play games Winx Season 5? Just kids who are watching this animated series, still do not understand that life is not always black ink, sometimes an absolute good - it's just a fake. However, the judge, not us, and the audience animated series. So get acquainted with the latest games on this topic. Free and right on the page. A few clicks - and you are in the game.

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